Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jan. 17, 2012


Today is P-day for my companion and I, instead of yesterday, because we went to the temple this morning. There's a special endowment session for missionaries each transfer and today was the one for this transfer. They're optional and there isn't any reimbursement for travel, but I really wanted to go. So the four in our apartment caught a train this morning at 6:45am. And we just got back to the apartment about 20 minutes ago. It's about 4:30pm now. After the temple we stopped by the distribution center to pick up a few things, had lunch, then went to the technology capital of the world, Akihabara, to buy me a denshi/denki jisho (electronic dictionary.) We need to head out of the apartment at 5:00 pm to dendo, so I don't have very much time at all. I'll write all about this week in next week’s letter! But it's been a good week. The work is really good.

I hope you are all doing great!!

I don't have time for much more, but I will end with a quick recommendation. There's a video on lds.org called 'His Sacred Name—An Easter Declaration.' I really like it. Here's the list of scriptures used in it:

Christ was...
Betrayed (Matthew 26:14–16)
Denied (Luke 22:54–62)
Accused (Mark 15:3)
Rejected (Luke 9:22)
Bound (Mark 15:1)
Scourged (John 19:1)
Mocked (Matthew 27:29)
Reviled (Matthew 27:39)
Spit on (Mark 15:19)
Crucified (John 19:17–19)
Forsaken (Matt 27:46)

But he . . .

Was obedient to His Father’s will (Mark 14:36)
Atoned (Luke 22:41–44)
Healed (Luke 22:50–51)
Held His peace (Mark 14:61)
Forgave (Luke 23:34)
He gave His life (John 19:30)
He is risen (Matt 28:6)

[Thomas S. Monson] “My beloved brothers and sisters, in our hour of deepest sorrow, we can receive profound peace from the words of the angel that first Easter morning: 'He is not here: for he is risen.'
“As one of His special witnesses on earth today, this glorious Easter Sunday, I declare that this is true, in His sacred name—even the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior—amen.”

It's a nice and simple video that I think is really good to think about. If you have a little more time, look up each scripture. Thank you :)

Well, I love you! Take care this week! I wish I could write more, but I will next week. The work is good!

Elder Rindlisbacher

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