Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week 41 - July 18, 2012

It's going great and we've been really busy here! This past weekend we received our transfer calls, and I'm still here in Sagamihara with Elder Orton. I love it here, and Elder Orton is a great missionary, so I'm pretty excited to still be here. This will be my fourth transfer here, so six months total. And I will still be district leader. I thought someone else would be called as district leader for this transfer, but I'm glad and excited to continue!

I've attached six pictures, so here's a short description of each:
4247-4249 Last week after the last district meeting of the transfer, we all went out to sushi for lunch. We all had a great time. It was Sister Derricott's last district meeting, she's probably going to arrive home to Bountiful sometime today.
4261 The district after sports night (Friday.)
4263 The district trying to get a picture of everyone jumping.
4279 Four of our investigators at our takkyu (ping-pong) outreach activity.

There has only been one change as far as the district this transfer. Because Sister Derricott went home, Sister Wylie, a third transfer missionary from Pleasant Grove, UT, transferred in.  I'm really excited to continue working with everyone!

Anyway, we're continuing to prepare Shimizu kyodai for baptism. Right now he's struggling with the Word of Wisdom and we're doing our best to do all we can to help him strengthen his faith. He's a really quiet, but interesting guy.  Silvia's still doing great. We went out to Costco (her working place) yesterday to do some shopping for the transfer and saw her. We'll be starting her AB (after baptism) lessons soon. Those will cover pretty much everything we've already taught her plus things like missionary work, temples, and family history.

It's been getting a whole lot more hot. It's beginning to get into the tsuyu season (super hot, super humid.)  It's been about 32-34 degrees celcius and really, really  humid. As soon as you step out the door, you're already sweating.  But we're drinking lots of water and doing good. And there's still a lot of people out on the streets everywhere to talk to.

That's all for this week, but we'll do our best to make more time to write more next week.  I love you!! Keep having a great summer and staying busy. Take care!

Elder Rindlisbacher

P.S. 'The District 1' and 'The District 2' dvds are fun to watch about missionary work. We use them here to help us learn and become better.  If you can and would like to, find a copy and watch them!

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