Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 46 - August 21, 2012 
  • Transfers 3-6... 
Our week has been great. It's still as hot as ever. I've heard that October is one of the best months though, and that's coming fast. It sounds like there's been a lot of good things going on back home. Keanu doing cross-country is cool. And when I was in Young Men we started planning a bike trip like that but were never able to do it. How did Mikela and Ashley's senior project go? I read Kauluwehi's talk and it's really good. Could you do me a favor and send me her BYU address the next time you write? Thank you.

I was able to have two great companion exchanges this past week; one with Elder Anderson and another with Elder Peterson. They are both outstanding, consecrated (completely dedicated, like the oil) missionaries, and we had a great time working together.

Sunday was a really good one for Elder Orton and I. A few of the investigators we had expected to come to church didn't show up, but we had another lady come unexpectedly. We met her 17 year old son last Sunday while housing (door-to-door) and invited him to English Class. He came with his mom, and she came to church on Sunday. We taught her a lesson after sacrament meeting and committed her to baptism. She says that she'll be in church again this next Sunday with her son.

After church we had an awesome dendo fireside with the ward S.A.'s and young men. Elder Orton and I were able to speak for about 20 minutes, then we had three workshops; one for young men, another for single adults who have decided to go on a mission, and another for single adults who were undecided. We have three recently returned missionaries in the ward, and they each taught a workshop. Elder Orton and I split with priesthood holders and I was able to participate in the workshop for S.A.'s who hadn't decided whether they were going to serve or not... which ended up only being one young man. The spirit was strong, and I'm sure it made a huge impact on him. The lesson was focused completely on the Atonement of Christ and His gospel. There's no better way to do it... the atonement and gospel of Christ is where everything comes from.

After the fireside, we had lunch at the apartment then headed back to the area we housed last Sunday. We were able to find another new investigator as well as a few good potential investigators.

I love Sagamihara so much. I've really grown to love the ward and the area so much over the past few months. This is the last week of this transfer, and I've been here for a good while, so there's a really good chance that I'm transferring. If I don't get an email out to you next Monday (Sunday evening for you) it probably means I'm in a new area and I'll be able to send one later in the week.

Being that it's the last week of the transfer, we were able to go to the temple today. The spirit in the temple is always amazing. I bought a new triple combination at the distribution center next to the temple that I'm excited for. I heard that there will be an update made to the Englsih scriptures sometime next year. Have any of you heard anything about that?

Please let me know when you're able to send the kanji book, mom. Thank you so much.

Thank you for your love, support, and examples. I'm so grateful and proud of each of you. I love you!!! Work hard, and have an awesome week!

-Elder Rindlisbacher

P.S. Here's a good talk given by Elder Kikuchi; read it when you have some time:

P.P.S. My companion thought that Clark Little photo was pretty cool. Thanks for sending it.

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