Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 55 – Oct. 29, 2012
We've had another great week here in Hibarigaoka. I'm glad everything with the tsunami warning went well and everyone's safe.

We had a little harder time 'finding' this week, and it hurt our teaching time a little. We still taught a lot, mostly to three of our investigators that are progressing well (two with baptismal dates and looking good,) but we need to focus more on escalator dendo (always putting people on the escalator as they move up, instead of taking people to the top like an elevator and then having to start over.) If we find more people, we will naturally teach more and extend more commitments (helping them to change.) We have a few new potential investigators and their contact information, so we will build better relationships and begin to teach them. Other than those, we know we can find people.
We had three investigators scheduled to attend sacrament meeting, but all three weren't able to come. It was a bummer, especially because we weren't able to have lessons with them, but a big blessing because we participated in a great Gospel Principles class and built better relationships with some of the members. The ward is amazing. We have a few mogi (mock) lessons scheduled with some families for the near future, and are excited for them.
One of our investigators, Ozeki-san, is preparing for baptism on 11/10/12. He's 20 years old. We've had him interview with the bishop, we're meeting with his father this Saturday to talk about his son receiving baptism, then we'll have the district leader interview him. If everything goes well, he'll be baptized next week Saturday. From what we've heard from Ozeki-san, his father was Christian before... so it would be really great if we can start teaching him soon as well.

The mission is holding three conferences this week, each with three zones at a time (about 60 missionaries.) We have ours in Nakano (The mission home's church building) on Thursday. It will be Elder Healy's first conference, so I think he's excited.
Lately I've been reading a little from a book, Jesus the Christ by James E. Talamage, during my personal study time. Maybe some of you have heard of it. Jesus is amazing! All the way from the pre-existence until now - simply miraculous. There's so much to study and learn... with so little time! The spirit has been very strong lately, and the hands of the Lord are undoubtedly in the work. Miracles are continuing and continuing to be seen everywhere.

Something I learned/realized through study recently, was that Christ's realization that He was the chosen and foreordained Messiah came to him gradually. When He was born He of course also went through the veil of forgetfulness, and as He grew and matured, his learning of  who He was and where He came from didn't come through a single, amazing revelation; It came through and over time, just like it does with us. I find that amazing. All of his life and work is simply miraculous. His gospel is miraculous! We (the four missionaries here in Hibarigaoka) had dinner with a young brother in the ward and many of his friends (member and non-member) last night, and part of the short message we shared: When you love something or someone, through that thing or person you feel/receive happiness. Take just a hobby for example - you like/enjoy it, and it makes you feel good/happy. Of course that's why it's your hobby. Maybe you enjoy playing basketball, or collecting something. A miracle of the gospel, is that it helps you develop into a person that loves everything. Everything! You feel free! (John 8:32). You feel more love, and deeper love, than you ever knew was possible. That's why the gospel of Christ makes people happy. That's why it even makes already happy people even happier. It's always all about love.

Please pray for opportunities to share the gospel! Pray every day to (1) meet those prepared to receive the gospel, and (2) to know what to say and do when you meet them.  Always have a copy of the Book of Mormon with you! It has power! Build and exercise faith now, it works miracles. There is no need to wait until you have a stronger testimony or until you have more friends, or until anything... start now. One thing I can do from here to you, is promise blessings! I PROMISE that you will be happier, and I PROMISE that you will make others happier.

Thank you so much for all of your amazing love and support. I keep a picture of our family on my desk, and it always motivates me and reminds me of love. I love all of you so much. Keep up the amazing work, and have a great week!!

Elder Rindlisbacher

P.S. I forgot to write this in... We had a Halloween Party this past Saturday, and 30 non-members came! It was a fun night of candy and games. I'll try to get some pictures to send soon!

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