Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 59 – Nov. 26, 2012

Thank you for the prayer Keanu!! Your Japanese is pretty good! Thanks for the pictures of Keanu's Science Fair, mom. It looks like it was fun.

I'm sure you're all doing well back home. As for things here, they're great!

The new apartment we're living in is probably the nicest and cleanest apartment in the mission. It's a little far (20-25 minute bike to the station, 15 minutes to the church), but it's really nice.  It's exactly
what is needed for working effectively and feeling the spirit! I'm sending a lot of pictures (38 to be exact), mostly of the apartment (kind of a small picture tour,) but also some of our Thanksgiving, etc. I'll get a picture of the outside of the apartment and send it next week.

We have interviews with President Budge tomorrow and I'm excited. Oh, and some new news since my last letter: Our zone was recently split (a few days after the transfer began) from two districts to three, and I was called to be district leader over our new district. So this will be my fourth transfer as district leader. I'll be super busy, working hard to train and set an example for Elder Healy, and fulfill my district leader responsibilities. But that's how I'd always prefer things – Busy! Elder Healy's been keeping me working hard. I think I might be getting a small (very, very small) taste of what it's like to be an actual parent; It takes work! But this past little while has also of course been a whole lot of fun. So being district leader I'll be going on companionship exchange tomorrow with Elder Takaya, who just transferred into the district, to train him. This is actually my third time as his district leader. Interviews are being done a little  differently this time around. Usually they've been done while having a zone conference, but this time we just have times that we're supposed to be at our church (or a nearby one) and President will be there to interview us, and we can leave right after.

This past week went well. We always have many things that we need to improve, but we are seeing miracles every day, and having a great time!!

Ozeki-san is continuing to work towards baptism on the 8th of December. He is ready for an interview, we just need to work with his family more. We are meeting with him about 2 to 3 times per week. We
are feeling like Suzuki-san (12/15 baptismal date) needs to take things a little slower for the time being. It seems as if there's been too much change too quickly for him, and he's very stressed. We have many
other investigators with much potential, that we need to get progressing more! Many of them are very busy, making it hard to meet regularly.

One of the Hibarigaoka Sisters’ investigators, Oota Erina-san, is great. She builds my faith every time I see her. She's 21 years old, with a three year old daughter, and so prepared to receive the gospel! She has such a strong desire to grow closer to God, and bless her small family. I'm really excited to be able to interview her for baptism this upcoming Wednesday. She will be a great member of Hibarigaoka ward. Our church meetings each week are from 10am-1pm, but yesterday she came to our church eikaiwa at 9 am and stayed after church until 4:30 pm talking with members! Her daughter has also made great friends with many of the other children as well.

Our Thanksgiving was great. We went to the bishop of one of the English speaking wards’ home (Martini Family,) along with eight other missionaries and four of their investigators. We had an investigator
planning to come with us, but he had a last minute job interview that he needed to take and wasn't able to make it. We ate a lot, and had a lot of fun. I've had two great Thanksgiving while on my mission. The
first was while I was in the MTC, which I absolutely loved. We had great devotionals and food. I had such a great time in the MTC. And this Thanksgiving was just as great. We had really great food, strong
testimonies shared, and a great spirit felt!

This Christmas transfer and season will be amazing. The Spirit of Christ(mas) is what this work and this life is all about! I love Jesus Christ. I love all of you. I love this work. Take care, and keep up the great work. You are in my thoughts, work, and prayers.

Elder Rindlisbacher






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