Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week 62 - December 18, 2012
Tomorrow, at least here, is your birthday dad! Happy Birthday!! I'll be thinking of you. Know that I love you! I am so grateful for all that you've done and continue to do for me. You are such a great example of faith, love, and hard work. Thank you so very much.

It's hard to believe that another week has already passed, but it's been a good one in Hibarigaoka! I hope that everyone is healthy and happy. I just read the Rindlisbacher Review, and am hoping that Keawe's fully recovered from his minor concussion. I can sympathize with Kauluwehi about the humidity! It's pretty dry here now and I think there's probably about four times when I thought my face/hands were going to fall off. But I bought some lotion and it's a lot better now. It's definitely cold here now, but will continue to get colder. I think it's getting somewhere around 5 degrees Celsius right now.

We were able to visit six less-active members/families this past week, something we haven't been able to do too much in the past. Some of them were really happy to see us, while others weren't, but we'll be continuing to try to help them receive the full blessings of the gospel again. We had five investigators planning on coming to church but only two who actually came, Johnson and Richard (two Camaroonians.) Both of them are progressing as they're reading the Book of Mormon. We will be setting a new baptismal date with Ozeki-san very soon. We were planning on him being interviewed this past week, but something came up with him and he wasn't able to meet for it. We'll be working to have it happen this week, then we'll just need to meet with his father before he's baptized. We had two great role-play lessons with members (one active couple, and another inactive couple.) The spirit's guidance was strong throughout both of them, and we were really able to build strong relationships of trust with them. Hibarigaoka ward is truly amazing. The ward is SO full of dendo fire, it's almost unreal. Consequently, Elder Healy, the Sisters, and I are all loving it here!

The district is doing well. Each companionship is healthy and happy. I really love serving as district leader. It does take more effort and work, but the blessings and joy always outweigh the sacrifice. I was just talking with another missionary a few days ago, about the blessings we personally receive from missionary work, and I said, “If the things we personally receive from missionary service (lots of great friends, leadership skills, ability to speak Japanese, etc.) really are just the icing on the cake, then the cake is completely smothered with icing!” Honestly, thinking of it that way, it seems like you would never be able to find the cake. But the cake is actually also enormous. So, said easily, missionary work is amazing - the best. Next week is week six of  this transfer, the week we're normally able to go to the temple, but that Tuesday is Christmas, so we were able to go today. I am grateful for the temple. There is great peace and joy in knowing who you are in relation to God.

I truly believe in the Gift of Tongues. Missionaries here are able to learn Japanese with amazing ease. I've been here in Japan for a year as of the 20th, and Japanese is a difficult language, but the Lord has blessed me so very much.

Anyway, I love this work and gospel. Thank you so much for your love, support, and prayers. I always think of you and am so grateful to have such an amazing family. Take care, and a have a great week!

Elder Rindlisbacher

P.S. The husband of the less-active couple we had a mogi lesson with is a documentary director. He recently made a documentary called “A gift.” It's about the health benefits Vitamin C has in relation to radiation. It looked pretty interesting, so if you have some time and seem interested, try to find it somewhere!

P.P.S. As for calling on Christmas, I was thinking it'd be best to call on the 26th here, so it would be Christmas there for you. When will everyone be home? I am able to call on the 25th, 26th, or 27th for about 45 minutes. Get back to me as soon as possible with a day and time. You need to call here though. Our number (ready to call from the US to Japan) is: 011-81-80-2149-6139. We can also use skype, so add us: HibarigaokaMissionaries100. I look forward to hearing from you. I love you!!

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