Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 68 - January 28, 2013

I'm still in Hibarigaoka. This transfer ends on the 10th of February, but hopefully I'll still be here for at least one more; Hibarigaoka is a great place!

Thank you for the humongous package! It did end up at the mission home on Friday, but it was too heavy to forward so we went over there today to pick it up and bring it back. The mission home is just outside of our area so it was only a little over 20min. train ride. It looks like everything made it through customs. I'll be happy to share much of the treats with investigators and other missionaries. I'm sure they'll all love them. Thank you for putting so much effort and love into it. I guess turning 21 is kinda crazy, huh. A lot of things happen at this age. Anyway, this morning the zone leaders, Elder Olson and Elder Jones, surprised us by showing up at our apartment and making breakfast for my birthday. They came while we were in the middle exercising at 6:45 am and made two cans of Spam, a bunch of eggs, and pancakes. They got up just after 5:00 am, and it took them a little over an hour to get here. It was super super nice of them; they're full of love. Tomorrow we're planning on going to lunch (Ramen at a very well-known place called Ramenjiro) with a new investigator we met last Sunday named Kai. He's a 19 year-old college student who really likes English. Then in the evening we're going to the Asada family's home for dinner. I think I'll have been to their home five times now including tomorrow. They're an elderly couple who absolutely love the missionaries. Brother Asada served a full-time mission in his 20's soon after being converted. He's one of the very first Japanese missionaries. Sister Asada loves to collect recipes and food ideas from missionaries and is amazing at cooking. All in all, tomorrow should be a great day.

Thank you also for the pictures of Keanu and his Pinewood Derby. Tell him congratulations from me!

One experience from this past week... We visited a less-active member, Oota, this past Tuesday. He lives closer to the end of our area so we spent a little over four hours walking there and talking to everyone along the way. We had never met him before and we didn't have an appointment, but we just showed up to introduce ourselves. He was really nice, invited us in, and we were able to talk with him a while. He smokes cigarettes and drinks coffee, but is proud to tell people that he believes in Mormonism when religious conversations come up. He wants us to visit him every once in a while, so hopefully we can help him to return to activity! While we were in his apartment he had a TV on and there was a portion I heard of Obama giving his Inauguration Speech. That caught me off guard a little; I haven't really been expecting to hear Barrack Obama's voice while I'm here.

Oh, this week we also used a bunch of milk and juice cartons to make some small chairs/stools to use with our small Japanese table. I'll send some pictures.

If you get a chance to talk to the Kaaa's sometime soon see if they know a Aiko Toma from Japan. She's a member of Hibarigaoka Ward, but lives and works in Provo. She went to BYU-Provo, so she knows Kawehi and Eva Kaaa. And, mom, do you know an Ed P. (I already forget his last name) working at the airport on Maui? An Elder Galbraith (couple missionary who worked in the mission office) knows him. Apparently they went to flight training together for the military.

I'm so happy to hear about the youth in the ward preparing for missions!! They will be such amazing missionaries. And their missions will make all the difference in so many lives, including theirs! They will feel God's love more than they ever have before. I'm so proud of them for making the decision to serve, and hope many more do so in the near future! If they are worthy and able, it is the very best decision they could make in their life up to that point. I'll be trying to get letters out to them, but please wish them all the best for me!
I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Elder Rindlisbacher

P.S. 10 pictures I'll send:
0217 - Elder Nitta, Elder Takaya, Elder Call, and I.
0212 - Me with the two King-Don. I cut my hair the morning before so it's pretty short.
0268 - The two Tokorozawa Elders and the four Hibarigaoka missionaries.
5977 – An igloo we found this past Tuesday.
5979 – Me in the igloo.
5995 – Elder Call's little chair in progress
5997 – My chair in progress
6062 - The two chairs almost completed! We still need to cover them with more tape.
6063 - The chairs next to our small table.
6060 – Me with the package contents
6061 – Me with the package contents holding the poi powder

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