Monday, March 4, 2013

What exciting news with Sala and Keoni receiving their calls! They will be amazing missionaries. So many people will be blessed because of their decision to serve! They both report in June so I won't see them for a while. I'll have to write them sometime. Sala will be in the MTC for two weeks and Keoni for six? Maybe they don't know yet. I'm so happy for them!!

The work here in Hibarigaoka is going great! We've had a very successful and very fun week.

We have a 17 year-old Eikaiwa student named Yuki who we've become really great friends with. We had another Ping-Pong activity this past Thursday, this time combined with a Pizza Party as well, and he told us there that he's extremely busy with tests this week, but that on Wednesday at Eikaiwa we can set a date to begin lessons.

We were finally able to contact a referral from the Shibuya Elders after about four weeks. Yuta-san is 24 years old, we were able to get lunch with him and do a church tour. He as well said that we can set a lesson date on Wednesday at Eikaiwa.

We're meeting with Johnson, from Cameroon, about three times a week and helping him to understand Japanese as well the gospel.

Last week I told you we were getting our suits, shoes, and everything really nice for something special. Well, Elder Russell  M. Nelson, of the Quorum of the Twelve, visited our mission on Friday. We had a special conference with him that morning from about 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. It was a great time of being edified and instructed by a special witness of the Lord.

We heard testimonies from Sister and President Budge, Sister and Elder Ringwood (Area Authority), and then Sister Nelson. Sister Nelson began her comments by telling us that when they walked into the room and sat down that Elder Nelson looked at us for a moment and whispered to her, “We have never seen nor experienced better missionaries than this.” She told a story she doesn't normally tell about their marriage (seven years ago.) In the beginning of the conference, a missionary choir I was a part of, sang, “Our Prayer To Thee” - A hymn not in the hymnbook that was written by Elder Nelson. It played an interesting role in their marriage as she had had it stuck in her head, even though she had never heard it before, for days before they met.

Elder Nelson was of course last to speak. He began by having us be sure that we wrote down that Elder Nelson said, “Thank you.” And that came with a P.S. to our families who raised us. Almost all of the rest of the conference was question and answer. He ended with an Apostolic Blessing. At that time, his language changed. He was speaking purely through the spirit. He blessed us to be totally obedient, exactly obedient. To love the Lord. To love Japan and the Japanese language. To bless others with the gospel. And with safety as we follow the laws of the land and the mission rules.

The entire conference, from sitting quietly thirty minutes before it was to begin, to the opening prayer, musical numbers, instruction, and closing prayer, was magical and accompanied by a very special spirit. President and Sister Budge went to lunch with the Nelsons after the conference. There Sister Nelson said, “I just saw so many future mission presidents as I looked out at everyone.” To that Elder Nelson replied, “Mission presidents?! I saw members of The Seventy and even Apostles!” Sister Nelson instructed President and Sister Budge to, “follow these missionaries.” I'm very blessed to be a part of such an amazing mission.

Anyway, thank you all so much for your love and support! I think of you often, and pray for you always.  President Uchtdorf said, “Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words.” Always be “examples of the believers.” To your family, to your friends, to everyone! Love changes everything.

I love you!!!
Elder Rindlisbacher

P.S. One picture - We visited a member family and they had all of these set up. The ones on the red stand are given by grandparents to grandchildren when daughters are born to them. The ones on the table are for sons.

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