Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 18 - February 6, 2012  
  • Inage
Dear Family,
How are all of you? I hope great!
It's been another good week here in Inage, our first week of this transfer.

We taught Sakanaka kyoudai on Wednesday and yesterday (Sunday). Both lessons went great. He's pretty much ready to be baptized. We'll just be reviewing things and strengthening his testimony until the 25th. On Saturday we went to his apartment for lunch. Kinoshita kyoudai, Sakanaka kyoudai's fellowshipper and first member joint, came as well. His apartment is really tiny, but it's all that he needs because he lives by himself. He had some really good sushi along with a few other things for us. I wish I could have taken pictures because he had everything set up really nicely. He's just a super clean and organized person. Everything he does he does in order. It was actually the only time I've ever seen him not wearing a suit.

Earlier in the week, most of our finding time went really well. Of course we had the occasional hard rejection, but we've been meeting and making friends with a lot of cool people. Our eikaiwa is also growing and growing. We have new students every week.

Sunday at church we had four investigators with us, a big number for the wards here. There were two university students from Singapore, a university student from here, and Sakanaka kyoudai. Our ward is really getting a lot more excited about missionary work. It's really great. Sakanaka kyoudai attended our Spanish Branch meetings as well. We were able to teach all four of them after sacrament. Myself and one of our members taught the two students from Singapore. They speak Chinese, English, and some Japanese, so we taught in English. I used some kanji as well to illustrate some points. Kanji are the Chinese characters, which are used in Japan too. For example, the word yogensha (prophet) has two different kanji spellings. One means someone who predicts the future, and the other means a messenger of God. So because they know Chinese, I was able to write things like that on the board to help them understand. The lesson went really well and they both have Book of Mormons to read. They actually return to Singapore this Friday, but they'll be looking for missionaries there.

Anyway, sorry I didn't write much this week, but the work is going great! The weather isn't bad. It's been wet and cold, but we're doing just fine and enjoying our time here! I love our ward. I love the gospel. And I love my mission.

There's a scripture in Alma 5 that says, "Behold, the ax is laid at the root of the tree." Alma 5 is an amazing chapter, so take a look at it! The ax is laid at the root of the tree because we all have to bring forth good fruit! We're all 'trees' in God's 'grove', and we need to be all that we can be. Along those lines, God has promised that if you do what you know is right, he'll be bound to bless you. He will have to! So go ahead and test his promise. I know that you will be blessed. And I can say that with more conviction than can be conveyed through an email.

In another sense of a grove, take the time to go to your own sacred grove each day. Make time to find a quiet place and pray to your Father in Heaven everyday. And study the words he's given you. Study the Book of Mormon daily. It's amazing. I promise.

Well, I love you! I'm doing great out here, and I'm grateful for all of your love and support. Take care!!

Elder Rindlisbacher

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