Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 34 - May 29, 2012
  • Transfers 3-4...
Dear Mom and Family,
How are all of you? I hope great! Have you received the letters/envelopes that I've sent lately? There should've been one for Kauluwehi, one for Mom, and one for Mikela. Kauluwehi, I hope you had a great Senior Bash, Seminary Graduation, Mauna ‘Ala visit, Graduation, and Grad Night. It sounds like it was a pretty eventful week! And good job all of you other kids on finishing another school year! Thanks for a copy of your talk, mom. I really like it. How is the ward doing? Has it grown at all recently? I saw on lds.org that right now it's Elder Kniff and Elder Taylor in the ward, if I remember correctly. Tell them I say hi.. and I hope you're working with them at least a little! It'd be really great if you were able to go out and work with them for a few hours one day, Keawe.

It's been great here in Sagamihara. We've been passing out Eikaiwa flyers at the train stations a lot more lately. We got just over 1600 flyers out last week and had 25 people at Eikaiwa, 21 students (8 new) and 4 members. It's been a lot fun. Our zone (10 companionships) had 14 new students last week, so we made up a little over half of that number. If that's what it takes (1600 flyers for 8 new students)  then I'm more than willing to put the work in, as long as we can introduce the gospel to those 8 people who would have never known about it otherwise. We're hoping to continue building it and working to keep all of the new students coming back each week. I'd like to make a detailed plan for our Eikaiwa, detailing past growth and plans for the future, to present to our bishopric the first week of next transfer. Right now we only have two classes, with no members  running the reception desk, making it difficult to teach to everyone's needs and to schedule shokai (introduction) lessons with all of them. If we can build our Eikaiwa into three to four classes and at least eight members each week, it could be a really effective finding tool. Members can be more involved in missionary work and many people will  be able to have prolonged interaction with missionaries, members, and church activities.

On Saturday we had an 'egg drop' for our outreach activity. Each team (most were just one person, some had two or three) had 10 pairs of chopsticks, one balloon, five big pieces of paper, one meter of twine, 10 small rubber bands, scissors, tape, and an unboiled egg wrapped in a plastic bag. Out of the 10 eggs that we dropped (from the second story of the church,)  three survived. It was a lot of fun! We ended up having two investigators, one Eikaiwa student, and bunch of members in attendance. In the end, each team was awarded points according to how well they did and how little supplies they used, and were able to "buy" treats with their points. I'll attach a few pictures! (probably to your other email, mom.)

Yesterday we spent our time from about 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in the backyard of a lady's apartment taking a deck down. We got a call on Sunday night from a member in a branch in a place called Senzokuike asking if we would be able to give a little service.  It was a lot fun. There was Elder Richmond and I along with a member originally from Tanzania, living in Japan. The deck was probably only about 10ft. x 5ft. with walls, a grill area, and a small roof, but it took us a while. We'll probably be heading back sometime next week to help load all of the wood and everything into a truck.

This morning we were able to get into an 8:45 am endowment session at the Tokyo Temple. It's always great to be in the temple and to meet with all of the other missionaries.  It seems like my MTC district is all doing really good.

I've attached a copy of some notes that were taken at our Elder Clarke conference, if you'd like to look at them. I'm not sure who wrote them (probably one of the couple missionaries) but they were posted on our online mission portal for us to use.

All in all, the work is amazing and continuing to move on! As for this week’s schedule so far, we have Eikaiwa tomorrow, a mogi (practice) lesson with a less-active member on Thursday, district meeting and lunch (because it's the last one of the transfer) on Friday, we might go bowling with a small group of investigators Friday night, transfer calls on Saturday morning, another mogi lesson with another less-active member on Saturday, and our weekly outreach activity Saturday night. It's exciting and I'm having a great time. I love you so so much and am grateful for all of your support and prayers. Take care and have a great week!!

Elder Rindlisbacher

Snacks and prizes.

Our bishop's son and his friend...this egg did not survive.
Just as everyone began building.

Elder Richmond's and my egg survived.
Tiny and no tape used...but this egg survived too!

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