Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 32 - May 14, 2012

  • Sagamihara

Dear Family,
I loved talking to all of you earlier today! I'm so glad you're all doing good. Congratulations Keanu on winning your two basketball games. Good luck with your next one! Good job with Basketball, Keawe. Keep on working hard and consistently in the weightroom, it pays off. And focus to get your grades up. If you can keep an upward trend of grades from here, colleges will be interested in you. Congratulations Mikela on becoming a Senior and being able to go to SOAR. And congratulations Kauluwehi, graduating from high school and heading to BYU-Provo. I'm so proud of all of you!!  Kauluwehi, Mikela, and Keawe, good luck with upcoming finals. Work hard! And Keanu, have fun these last few weeks of school. Keep up the good grades!
A few pictures are attached from the past two weeks... the titles are numbered, so here's a short description/story of each:
1 (5/712) View of inside the grocery store we've been going to when we don't head to Costco. It's called OK Super! and it's right across the street from the church. It looks pretty normal right?
2 (5/7/12) Another of in the store
3 (5/11/12) We went to the Takatsuka Family home on Friday evening for dinner and a quick "mogi"(practice) lesson(about a 30min. bike ride.) Sister Takatsuka, Izumi left for the MTC today. When she enters the MTC, that'll make eight full-time missionaries out from our ward, with another with his call. In addition to that, there's about 25 other young single adults in the ward, so the number of missionaries out could really be doubled! The day before we went out there my companion popped the tube of his back tire so we bought a new one and replaced it that night. I bought a patch kit to keep with me just in case, and the same tire went flat as we were on the way to their house! So I ended up using my new patch kit the day after I bought it. It's been ok since. Anyway, we made these to give to Izumi shimai to use when teaching the plan of salvation in Sendai(where she'll be heading for her mission.)
4 (5/11/12) Spirit body and physical body to use with the plan of salvation set
5 (5/11/12) Plan of salvation set continued
6 (5/11/12) Continued
7 (5/11/12) Gospel of Christ, drawn by a Japanese Elder in an area next to mine(English is #17) We gave this to Izumi shimai as well.
8 (5/11/12) Restoration drawing that we gave to Izumi shimai.
9 (5/11/12) A little river that we passed on our way to the Takatsuka home. This is the most inaka(rural) I've seen our area so far.
10 (5/11/12) Elder Richmond looking at the river. My bike behind him. We actually have the same bike, different colors though.
11 (5/11/12) Koi(colorful carp) in the river
12 (5/11/12) A view of the same small river as we biked along it
13 (5/11/12) A view from an overpass. Again, the most inaka I've seen since, really, I've been in Japan. Besides this I haven't left the city much.
14 (5/11/12) View from the same overpass
15 (5/11/12) Me on the bridge that you can see in picture #13
16 (5/11/12) View from the bridge
17 (5/11/12) English version of the drawing of the Gospel of Christ(Japanese is #7)
I love all of you so much. Thank you for all of your love and support. I so appreciate your wonderful smiles and spirits. I think about you often! You are a such a huge part of my foundation, and motivate me so much to work harder and be better! Please continue to read and pray daily as a family. I love you! Take care.
Elder Rindlisbacher

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